Indoor 2nd Half Registration Open Now!

Please note game times will be Monday nights with games starting at 8pm &  9pm and if we have 6 teams, also 10pm.

Direct link to registration  –—indoor-winter-2nd-half

For those of you not familiar with our indoor league, we play at Carruther’s Creek which is a smaller field then the standard indoor facility and we play 4 on 4 (plus a goalie.)   The smaller field size and amount of players both on the field and team makes it very conductive to a fast paced game that’s fun for players of all ages and skill levels.   Unlike outdoor, we pick and balance all the teams ourselves, and encourage and actively attempt to get everyone playing with different players.   You may link to one other player, however note that both players must specify the link.

The league is run in two half’s.   The second session starts  Monday, Feb 4th and will run until the last Monday in April.

For the 2nd half winter session we create all new teams and restart standings from scratch, so even if you didn’t play in the 1st half it’s a new league season

Registration is $150 

Be aware, that although it is not called out specifically in the registration fee, it includes a $40 service and admin fee which goes towards our DRSA fees, insurance etc.    If for any reason during the season you request a refund, it’s at the league discretion if one will be provided, however the $40 service fee is no-refundable.

Hope to see you out there!

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