Durham Adult Recreational Soccer League Registration now OPEN!

Good afternoon. we are pleased to announce the opening of registration for the 2017 summer session!  

This year we are offering 3 different ways you can register for the league.

For the first time, we are offering the option for teams to register as a complete entity.   In order to register a team, first the captain registers using the TEAM CAPTAIN registration option.  During his registration he will create a team, then the players who are planning on playing on this team register using TEAM PLAYER option.    If you register before your captain does, then you can register as a FREE AGENT and be assigned to the team afterwards


Another new option is the ability to register as a SMALL GROUP MEMBER.   Use this option if you have a group of friends that want to play together (3 or more) but not enough to create a full team.   When you register as a SMALL GROUP MEMBER, you are given the option of creating a new Small Group, or join an existing one.   Just coordinate with your friends to define the name of your SMALL GROUP.   

Finally, as always, you can still register individually by selecting the FREE AGENT option.   During the FREE AGENT registration you can select another player or friend you wish to play together with.

The league is expecting to run on Monday and Friday nights in Whitby and Ajax as we have in the past with Monday’s games likely all being 9pm, and Friday’s 8pm.   We hope to have 2 divisions, but this will depend on the amount of players and teams that sign up, and the divisions are likely going to be split based on competitive balance.   No matter what division you start with, we reserve the right to balance the divisions as we deem necessary in order to maintain a healthy level of competition.

We are also pleased to be able to offer reduced pricing this year based on streamlining some of our features and to encourage growth this year.

Early bird price, which is available until March 19th is just $200 per player!   After March 19th, the cost goes up to $230, so we encourage you to take advantage of this rates.

Sign-Up here now:

For teams, since we are accepting payment from individuals only, and the fee is based on teams of 18 players, then the expectation is that you sign 18 players.   If you don’t have 18 players, you have the option of either
a) Accepting players you league assigns to your team, or
b) Pay a team fee which would be the difference between your individual sign-ups and a full team of 18 players.  

The league will work with each team individually to determine the best solution.

Besides opening up registration, the other big announcement we are making at this time is we are rebranding the league.   For here on in, the league will be known as Durham Adult Soccer League (DASL) or “DAS” as we have started to refer to it.   We have a new website at DASLeague.com which has just opened but look for new features to be added on a continuous basis leading up to the new season.   One of our main objectives this season is to work with the referee’s and teams to try to get scores and standings updated more efficiently and improve our communication via our website and other social channels with the league members.    

If you have questions or comments about the league, there is a contact form up on the new website already at DASLeague.com/contact

So to summarize, registration is OPEN, registration fees are DOWN and a new DASLeague.com website is UP.   Lots more information and news in the coming weeks.   Please share this information with your friends and anyone you know of who might be interested in putting a team, a small group or signing up as individual.