Status of DASLeague

Please note that DASLeague is not running an indoor season this year, however if you are interested in playing in a pickup league. Please contact us at for more information.

You can also request being added to the mailing list to get notified about the resumption of outdoor in the spring.

Suspension of Fall Indoor Soccer for 2020

The league has made the decision in the light of the uncertainty surrounding COVID that we will NOT have a Fall indoor soccer league this year.   Later in the Fall we will review our position to determine if will resume activities in January and potentially offer a winter session or focus our attention on being ready for outdoor in the Spring.   

This wasn’t an easy decision as there have been many positive indications and encouraging reductions in COVID spread and cases in Durham Region, however with the threat of a potential “second wave” in the Fall, and some increases in case as the restrictions have been eased, we feel we would prefer to wait until at least later in the Fall before considering restarting.

As things evolve, we will message all our members as well as post updates when pertinent on our website.

Hope you all have a great Fall, and hope to see you sometime in the New Year,



DASLeague President

Outdoor Season Update – Durham Region enters Phase 1 of Ontario Soccer’s Ready To Play Guidelines.

Good afternoon, I hope this email finds you and your families all safe and healthy.

It’s been a little while since we have published any news, so we thought it would be a good idea to give everyone a short update on what’s going on relative to the League and the summer Season.

Durham Region, entered into Phase 2 of Ontario’s Reopening plans on Friday and today Ontario Soccer announced that Durham Region can enter into Phase 1 of the Return to Play guidelines.

The specific soccer phases are not tied directly to the Ontario reopening ones, but they are loosely coupled, and should follow approx one Phase behind the Ontario plan..

The 3 phases of Return to Play for Ontario Soccer are as follows:

Phase 1: Return to Training (modified training)  – THIS IS WHERE WE NOW ARE

Conditions: All Phase 1 Return to Train conditions are met

Restrictions: No contact, no league, exhibition, festival or tournament games

Phase 2Return to Training and Modified Games (enhanced training & modified games)

Conditions: All Phase 2 Return to Train conditions are met

Inter-squad and Intra-squad modified games permitted (only within the Club/Academy)

Restrictions:   No league, exhibition, festival or tournament games

Phase 3Return to Soccer (regular competition, games and training)

Conditions: Social distancing restrictions have been lifted

Restrictions: None

The phases outlined above apply equally to all recreational, competitive and high performance level soccer.

Before DASLeague can officially enter into Phase 1, we have to submit some paperwork to DRSA and Ontario Soccer to get approval.    Once we enter into Phase 2, we will be able to have scrimmages and pick up games with registered players.    

Note we still also haven’t gotten approval for field permits, but the hope and expectation is they will align with Phase 2 dates.

We are in the process of preparing registration, but are hoping for a little more clarity before we open it up.   As the earliest likely start date will be mid-July having a full season is not possible, so we are discussing alternate options such as running pickup games, a friendly league similar to Monday’s indoor or some other format that we can get up and running quickly and keep costs low and get everyone out playing footy.

The board is meeting regularly, and we are in touch with all the captains.   If you you are new to the league and/or not part of an existing team and want to play this summer in whatever our modified format ends up being, please email me at 

For more information about Ontario Soccer status, the best source of information is but keep an eye out for a registration email and link in the next couple of weeks.

COVID-19 Update. All activities cancelled in May.

Ontario Soccer is announcing today, as further follow up to the Ontario Soccer and Canada Soccer announcements of March 12 and March 13 as well as the Ontario Soccer announcement of March 24, that all sanctioned in-person soccer events and activities for the month of May have been cancelled or postponed.

For full details please read the full bulletin from Ontario Soccer here.

You can also get the most up to date Ontario Soccer information by visiting there website here

COVID-19 Update

Just wanted to reach out and provide a status and some resources you can keep abreast of activities.

As a member or DRSA (Durham Region Soccer Association), who are in turn members of OSA (Ontario Soccer Association), we must comply with the direction provided by OSA regarding Soccer activities.

As of late last week, OSA have cancelled all soccer activities until the end of April.   As this is a very fluid situation, We expect that we will be given direction on a month by month basis until a clear path is evident.  

DASLeague has not, and will not make any decision about the reminder of our indoor season and the upcoming outdoor season until such time as we are confident we can provide some real information.

We would also like to encourage everyone to follow the recommendations provided by Public Health Canada and Health Ontario   If anything, we urge you to err on the side of caution with these guidelines.  The more strictly we follow them, the less people will get sick, and the quicker we can be playing soccer again.

To keep up on the latest updates about soccer in Ontario, you can check the OSA website which is the latest news: 

To keep track of the latest information about COVID-19 and what you should be doing to stay safe and keep others safe, 

The Health Ontario site:  

Government of Canada site:

Registration now OPEN for 2019 Outdoor summer season

We are pleased to announce that registration for the 2019
Outdoor 11v11 Season is now open!

We are also pleased to be able to offer reduced pricing to
encourage growth this year. Early bird price, which is available
until the end of April is just $199 per player! After May 1s t , the
cost goes up to $229, so we encourage you to take advantage of
this rates.

DAS League welcomes players of all ages and experience.
You can register as an individual player, as a small group of
players, or large group/full team.

To register, you will first need to create a Sportengine account, you can do this while registering . If you already have a Sportengine account then you can login using that existing account.

Click here to go directly to the Registration site.

Note this is our year using the Sportsengine system to register so if you encounter any issues please let us know so we can work to rectify them.

If you have friends you would like to play with, you can specify
this during the registration process. We will try our best to keep
you together.

If you have a new full team or large group of players (7 or more)
please contact us at so we can do our best
to accommodate you.

Be aware of some special conditions relative to new teams:
● Fees are based on an 18 player roster, so if you bring less then 18 players then you must either:
○ Accept individual players assigned by the league, or
○ Pay a team fee, which would be the difference between your individual
sign-ups and a full team of 18 players.

● The league will work with each team individually to determine the best solution.

Our website is at where you will find all the
information regarding the league schedule, standings, rules, news
and other information.

If you have questions or comments about the league, there is a
contact form on the website at or you
can email

League Details:
● OSA sanctioned league (player books not required)
● League open to 18+ (2000 and older)
● 11v11 format on full fields
● Schedules and standings posted on our website at
● Games will be scheduled on Mondays and Fridays nights with
9:00 PM kick-off (note we reserve the right to change this
based on field availability, weather and other factors.)
● Game sheets provided by the league must be accurately
filled out and submitted to the referee at each game
● Home team is responsible for providing 2 game balls for use
prior to each game – League will provide teams with a new
ball each season.
● Players are subject to League, DRSA and OSA discipline and
sanctions. Failure for teams to abide by any sanctions may
result in further sanctions include fines, forfeits and point
● Additional details regarding rules, regulations and program
details will be provide prior to the start of the league season
and are available on our website.
● All dates/time/divisions are subject to change.

Annual General Meeting (AGM) – Tuesday, March 13th – 7pm

I want to announce that our Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Tues, Mar 13th, 7pm at the Ajax Community Centre in the Admiral Room.    This meeting is your opportunity to help shape the future direction of the league as we will be electing some new board members, updating the league participants on the financial status of the league and explaining how our registration fees are spent, and discussing future elements of the league.

If you have an issues or suggestions with the league, or want to become a member of the board, or even volunteer in some capacity.  We are particularly in need of volunteers that have some experience with marketing or web development to help us out.   Even if you don’t have experience but are interesting in working with us, we would be glad to have your help!   If you have any questions about the AGM, or want to help us out with the league, please email me.

We are looking for new teams and/or new players.   If you know of anyone looking to play soccer this summer, or have a group of players interested in playing together, we have multiple registration options that allows teams, groups or individuals to sign up.   Feel free to reach out with any questions and let us know how we can work with you to bring in your team or group into the league.

Durham Adult Recreational Soccer League Registration now OPEN!

Good afternoon. we are pleased to announce the opening of registration for the 2017 summer session!  

This year we are offering 3 different ways you can register for the league.

For the first time, we are offering the option for teams to register as a complete entity.   In order to register a team, first the captain registers using the TEAM CAPTAIN registration option.  During his registration he will create a team, then the players who are planning on playing on this team register using TEAM PLAYER option.    If you register before your captain does, then you can register as a FREE AGENT and be assigned to the team afterwards


Another new option is the ability to register as a SMALL GROUP MEMBER.   Use this option if you have a group of friends that want to play together (3 or more) but not enough to create a full team.   When you register as a SMALL GROUP MEMBER, you are given the option of creating a new Small Group, or join an existing one.   Just coordinate with your friends to define the name of your SMALL GROUP.   

Finally, as always, you can still register individually by selecting the FREE AGENT option.   During the FREE AGENT registration you can select another player or friend you wish to play together with.

The league is expecting to run on Monday and Friday nights in Whitby and Ajax as we have in the past with Monday’s games likely all being 9pm, and Friday’s 8pm.   We hope to have 2 divisions, but this will depend on the amount of players and teams that sign up, and the divisions are likely going to be split based on competitive balance.   No matter what division you start with, we reserve the right to balance the divisions as we deem necessary in order to maintain a healthy level of competition.

We are also pleased to be able to offer reduced pricing this year based on streamlining some of our features and to encourage growth this year.

Early bird price, which is available until March 19th is just $200 per player!   After March 19th, the cost goes up to $230, so we encourage you to take advantage of this rates.

Sign-Up here now:

For teams, since we are accepting payment from individuals only, and the fee is based on teams of 18 players, then the expectation is that you sign 18 players.   If you don’t have 18 players, you have the option of either
a) Accepting players you league assigns to your team, or
b) Pay a team fee which would be the difference between your individual sign-ups and a full team of 18 players.  

The league will work with each team individually to determine the best solution.

Besides opening up registration, the other big announcement we are making at this time is we are rebranding the league.   For here on in, the league will be known as Durham Adult Soccer League (DASL) or “DAS” as we have started to refer to it.   We have a new website at which has just opened but look for new features to be added on a continuous basis leading up to the new season.   One of our main objectives this season is to work with the referee’s and teams to try to get scores and standings updated more efficiently and improve our communication via our website and other social channels with the league members.    

If you have questions or comments about the league, there is a contact form up on the new website already at

So to summarize, registration is OPEN, registration fees are DOWN and a new website is UP.   Lots more information and news in the coming weeks.   Please share this information with your friends and anyone you know of who might be interested in putting a team, a small group or signing up as individual.